3D Modeling

All models were created by myself using 3ds Max. I also made over 90% of the texture maps seen here using source images and Adobe Photoshop.

A project utilizing multi-sub object textures to recreate something typically considered to be mundane in a more artistic manner.

Jetbike vehicle model renders with wireframe.

Domed City and surrounding landscape.

View from above the Domed City.

Experiment in three-way lighting to portray time of day. On the right: Morning (top) and Afternoon. On the left: Twilight.

Cell Phone recreation.

Legendary Sword model.

Flowering Ball Cactus with Claret Cup. Texture map insert included.

An ultra low-poly crate asset.

Wooden Wall and Broken Brick Wall assets shown with texture map inserts.

Simple crossed swords over shield model.