A variety of 2D images created using pencil, pen, and computer software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

  • Type Sketching, Illustration

Large-scale project image 'Vampire Cross' created using Adobe Illustrator. Applied to posters, canvas, etc. Original size is 2221 x 2988 pixels.

A very unique pentagonal mirror that I created using the Gradient Mesh tools in Adobe Illustrator. This project came after the apple (also seen here), and as such was rather more ambitious. Lots of reflective surface work, to say the least.

An apple created in Adobe Illustrator. This is an experiment in realism, and was accomplished mainly through skillful use of the Gradient Mesh tools. It looks good enough to eat!

Image titled Sad and Alone. This was a quick Illustrator project using color, environment and body language to portray deep emotional feelings.

A series of facial expressions drawn in pencil.

Original character imagery based on an actual person.

Game package design concept created using Illustrator. Original Windfall Chronicles game concept and all rights owned by myself.

Original character idea and ink drawing from back in 2006. Entitled "Triumph".

A recreation of a video game character made in Adobe Illustrator.

Stippling technique was utilized here to recreate the visage of a Cirque du Soleil performer.

Concept sketches for game design ideas.